We Are The Largest Student Led Progressive Organization in New York With:

  • 32 Chapters

  • In 24 cities

  • Campaigning for hundreds of Democrats across the state

  • Empowering thousands of students

Our Priorities:

  1. Electing Democrats

    Democrats are fighting hard for a more progressive New York, and College Democrats are on the front lines.

    As an organization we work directly with college students to train them, connect them with local campaigns, and provide the resources necessary to motivate and inspire others.

    In 2018 our members, armed with knowledge and strategies from our political team, we were on the ground in seven different competitive congressional districts as well as over a dozen competitive state house races.

  2. Empowering Our Local Communities

    All politics is local in New York. Our chapters work collaboratively with local politicians and progressive organizations across New York to make their voice heard and empower others to do the same.

    In the past our chapters have worked with local activists to push common councils to enact sanctuary city resolutions, marshaled parades for education justice, partnered with citizen groups to teach local residents how to hold Albany politicians accountable, and protested with their neighbors outside of local health centers.

  3. Promoting the Future

    We believe that as Democrats we have a responsibility to leave the world better than when we found it.

    When college students join Democratic clubs, they do so for the opportunity to change the world and make friends along the way.

    Our club leaders become mentors, our resources help make opportunities more accessible, our programs boost student self-confidence, and our organization gives students the opportunities to be leader in their own communities.

    When students live their own success stories we all benefit.

  4. Engaging Students

    Today’s college students are tomorrow’s leaders, and unfortunately they will leave college with more student debt than any previous generation: A financial burden that will follow them for the rest of their lives

    As our generation seeks to navigate these complex times filled with the Trump administration, Brexit, and our tackling climate change… We must prepare them to take on these great challenges.

    College Democrats of New York strives to engage students of all walks of life to navigate the political process, giving them an understanding of current issues and helping students understand why they should care. We accomplish this through club meetings, mentoring, and explaining the framework behind everything that we do.