College Democrats of New York Condemns Lee Zeldin’s Attempts to Suppress Voters

October 28, 2018-- For the second straight campaign cycle, the Zeldin for Congress Campaign sent out a mailer with incorrect information regarding the deadline for absentee ballots. The mailer says those voting absentee can do so by “postmarking it [absentee ballots] by November 6th,” when the deadline to postmark absentee ballots is actually November 5th.

Such a mailer disproportionately affects the very people we, as College Democrats of New York, represent. Countless college students across the country rely on absentee ballots to make their voices heard in the communities they grew up in, and continue to call home. Congressman Zeldin providing incorrect voting information is a clear attempt to silence the voices of many of his constituents, and should come as no shock given that he has not held a town hall in over 18 months.

As a Congressional representative, Lee Zeldin’s duty is to support our democracy, and serve his constituents. “This is not a representative," said Cecelia Masselli, political director for College Democrats of New York and fellow for Gershon for Congress. "This is a man who is willing to try and trick his own constituents for his own self gain.”

We wholeheartedly stand in agreement with the Gershon for Congress Campaign’s belief that this was no mistake, and we support their call for investigations into the mailer.