College Democrats of New York Plans to Capitalize on Midterm Momentum

November 8th, 2018-- Of the nineteen candidates endorsed by College Democrats of NY, thirteen of them were elected on Tuesday. This success brings unified state government to New York and a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in nearly a decade.

Our mobilization of college students propelled progressives to victory in every corner of New York. Every chapter led massive voter registration drives that registered well over 1,000 college students to vote across the state, and held weekly canvasses and phone banks that won thousands of votes for Democrats up and down the ballot.

We celebrate Tuesday’s victories, but simultaneously, we set our sights on capitalizing on the electoral gains of Democrats in New York State. Our goal, post-midterms, is to create enduring coalitions at the grassroots level with activist groups. Such coalitions will amplify our voice and help enact serious reforms that directly benefit college students. We will continue to facilitate collaboration among our chapters, raise money to fund political engagement across the state, and connect students with our political system to ensure that college students always have a means to pursue the change they desire.

Most importantly, we will use our statewide network of Democratic college students to turn New York into an exemplar of progressive politics.