Common Sense Gun Reform Starts With Passing Red Flag Laws

November 26, 2018-- The Republican majority in the State Senate is blocking Senate Bill S7133A, making New York residents vulnerable to preventable gun violence. The New York State Assembly and Governor Cuomo already approved the bill that allows relatives, friends and law enforcement to petition a court for Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO’s). If the ERPO is issued, the at-risk individual is prevented from accessing, purchasing and possessing firearms.

ERPO’s, also known as Red Flag Laws, are proven to prevent tragedies ranging from mass shootings to suicides by firearm. Connecticut saw a 14% reduction, and Indiana saw a 7.5% reduction, in the firearm suicide rate after passing Red Flag Laws. In 42% of mass shootings between 2009 and 2016 the shooter exhibited warning signs before the shooting. With Red Flag Laws in place, many of these tragedies could have been prevented.

Florida, Connecticut, California, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts and Illinois all passed their Red Flag Laws in response to mass shootings. It should not take another mass shooting for lawmakers in New York State to pass ERPO’s; and the residents of New York should not have to wait for Democrats to assume control of state government in January either.

Stopping preventable gun violence in New York starts with passing Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Call, email and schedule meetings with your current State Senators and demand that they vote yes on Senate Bill S7133A before the current session ends to protect New Yorkers from preventable tragedies.