There Is No Debate Over Birthright Citizenship’s Place in Our Constitution

October 31, 2018-- In an interview released yesterday, President Trump stated that he will attempt to eliminate birthright citizenship through an executive order. Such an executive order would be against the fundamental values of America and unconstitutional.

Many members of the Republican Party, not just the President, are in favor of eliminating birthright citizenship. Senator Lindsey Graham, in solidarity with the President, promised to propose legislation in the Senate to eliminate the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment.  

Their desire to end birthright citizenship makes it clear that xenophobia defines the modern GOP, and that the party’s top concern is maintaining power.  President Trump and Congressional Republicans chose to attack birthright citizenship to boost Republican turnout in the midterms, placing their party’s electoral success over the constitutional rights of millions of American citizens.

Unfortunately, Trump is not on the ballot this November, but we still must vote in greater numbers than ever before. We must vote to take back the House, the Senate and every down-ballot seat to protect the constitutional rights of all American citizens. We must vote to tell the Republicans that their divisive rhetoric and xenophobic policies have no place in America.