Statement from College Democrats of NY & Four Other Groups Calling on State Senator Akshar to Resign

May 16, 2019-- Mirella Masciarelli accused State Senator Fred Akshar (R-Endwell) of having non-consensual sex with her in 2015 as the Senator knew that she was too drunk to consent. We, as College Democrats of New York and the cosigned groups, always believe survivors, and find the Senator’s actions unacceptable. We join Ms. Masciarelli and the Broome County Democratic Committee in calling on Senator Akshar to resign.

Ms. Masciarelli was the mother of the victim in a murder case that Senator Akshar, then-Captain in the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, oversaw. Police officers should never seek sexual relations of any sort with suspects, witnesses or victims of cases they are investigating. The Senator’s decision to do so is a gross abuse of power and authority that renders him unfit to serve as Ranking Minority Member of the Crime Victims Committee, and as a part-time patrolman in Port Dickinson, NY.

This is not an isolated incident; it is part of a troubling pattern of immoral and unethical behavior spanning his career as a public servant.

In 2009, the nephew of Senator Akshar’s then-girlfriend was involved in a drunk driving accident. Several years later, Otsego County District Attorney John Muehl was appointed special prosecutor to investigate the Senator’s alleged interference and misconduct during this case. While dating his own employee, Senator Akshar increased her salary by more than 100% in a 30-month period.

Time and time again, the Senator prioritizes his own interests over his duty to do the right thing. A public servant must do the exact opposite.

We call on Minority Leader John Flanagan to strip Senator Akshar of his position as Ranking Minority Member of the Crime Victims Committee and urge the Port Dickinson Police Department to relieve him of his current post as a part-time patrolman. Above all else, we demand Senator Akshar resign.

To help push for the Senator’s resignation, join Indivisible Binghamton for a protest on Friday, May 17 at 4pm. The protest will take place outside of Government Plaza, 44 Hawley St., Binghamton, NY.