College Democrats of New York Condemns Attacks on Right to Abortion

May 26, 2019-- We, as College Democrats of New York, will defend the right to chose of women, non binary people, transmen, and anyone who can get pregnant. The state legislatures of Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Louisiana, Michigan and Alabama have launched a vicious attack on reproductive rights in this country, directly challenging Roe v. Wade. An attack on people’s reproductive rights is an attack on human rights, and we cannot stand idly by when basic constitutionally protected human rights are threatened. 

In January of this year, New York State passed the Reproductive Health Act. This legislation codified Roe v. Wade and sent the message that New York State will always defend people’s bodily autonomy. We take pride that our state has these protections in place and we do not take lightly the privilege that comes along with them. 

Residents of other states do not have that privilege. Many state legislatures want to strip people of their reproductive rights. It is neither the government’s business, nor job to dictate people’s decisions over their own bodies, especially in cases of rape and incest. Legislative bans do not stop abortions; they stop safe abortions. 

These bills are taking us back to a pre-Roe America in which people died because of a lack of access to safe abortions. We cannot let these bills write a new status quo. The right to make decisions about your own body is a fundamental human right being stripped away from millions of Americans.

We urge College Democrats across our state and nation to fight back in the face of this threat to human rights. Whether it’s donating to pro-choice groups, calling your representatives, volunteering, marching, or most importantly, voting, we have to fight back. The lives of women, transmen, non binary people, and anyone who can get pregnant in America depend on it. 

We are committed to forever keeping New York’s doors open to people seeking safe and legal abortions.